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Clear Communication: Harnessing Digital Tools at The Deep Tissue Spa

At The Deep Tissue Spa, the rhythm of regular check-ins and feedback underpins our seamless communication and a culture of accountability. We have been using Band since we opened, significantly bolstering our ability to maintain consistent interactions with our team, whether it's celebrating small wins, addressing challenges, or simply staying connected. Through Joy of Bodywork, I share these practical strategies and digital tools that have bolstered our communication dynamics at the spa.

Utilizing Band for Regular Check-ins and Feedback:

Band has proven to be an invaluable asset, integrating smoothly into our communication framework at The Deep Tissue Spa. Here’s how we leverage Band to facilitate regular check-ins and feedback:

1. Multi-Level Messaging:

Besides one-on-one instant messaging, Band facilitates group chats tailored for different teams like the provider team, management team, and admin team. Each provider team member also maintains individual chats with the admin and management teams, promoting clear, direct communication.

2. Structured Communication:

Announcements regarding schedule changes or new protocols are streamlined with Band. The Announcement & Alert feature ensures that every team member receives crucial updates promptly.

Polls are used to gather feedback from our team and foster team discussions.

3. Community Board:

The Community Board acts as a digital hub where schedules, updates, or other essential information are shared and can be accessed anytime by the team.

4. Accountability Checks:

The 'Read by' feature on Band is helpful, but to ensure active understanding, we require our team to react or comment on every post. This practice confirms that the information is not just seen, but thoroughly understood.

5. Searchable History and Documentation:

Band retains all post history and allows for searchable conversations. This feature is vital as it enables the documentation of communications with team members, providing a reference point for previous discussions and decisions.

6. Cost-Effectiveness:

An added bonus is that Band is completely free to use, making it an economical choice for enhancing communication and accountability within our spa.

Guidance for Your Spa:

Embracing modern tools like Band can significantly elevate the regularity and effectiveness of check-ins and feedback within your spa. Establishing a structured communication platform sets the stage for a culture of accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement, all without incurring additional costs.


Regular check-ins and feedback are the threads that weave a strong fabric of accountability and effective team management. With digital tools like Band, spa owners have the opportunity to enhance communication, foster a culture of continuous feedback, and ensure that every team member is aligned with the spa's goals. Through Joy of Bodywork, I am excited to share the digital strategies that have been instrumental in elevating the team dynamics at The Deep Tissue Spa, hoping to inspire a ripple effect of enhanced communication and accountability across the wellness industry.

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