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Continuing education for Licensed Massage Therapists in Florida

Renewal Requirements

Meet the legally required CEs necessary to renew your Florida State Massage License.  You will need to complete these in addition to 12 hours of hands-on instruction in massage technique, and 5 general hours.


Renewal Requirements This Course Meets:

✔️ 1 Hour Human Trafficking

 ✔️2 Hours  Florida Rules and Laws

 ✔️2 Hours Prevention of Medical Errors

 ✔️2 Hours Professional Ethics

Renewal Requirements This Course Does Not Meet:

❌ 12 Hours Hands-On

❌ 5 Hours General

GREAT DEAL - FL Renewal Bundle
Online Course only $19

This Package Includes:
Florida Laws and Rules (2021 Update) - 2 Hours
This course fulfills your 2-hour Florida laws and rules requirement for renewal.

Prevention of Medical Errors - 2 Hours
This course fulfills your 2-hour prevention of medical errors requirement for renewal.

Roles and Boundaries - 2 hours
This course fulfills your 2-hour ethics requirement for renewal.

Human Trafficking - 1 hour

This course fulfills your 1-hour human trafficking requirement for renewal.

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