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To Be or Not to Be: Solo or Employee?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Ladies, gentlemen, and spa enthusiasts of all persuasions, allow me to present to you one of the oldest quandaries known to our humble community of touch-therapists: to stand alone or stand as one with an established team? That is the question.

This is a tale as old as time, or at least as old as when humans first realized they could turn "rubbing each other's backs" into a lucrative profession. Now, before we dive into this conundrum scented with soothing eucalyptus, let's clear up one thing. Our world needs all sorts of people - those who set out on their own like brave explorers, and those who contribute their talents to an existing crew. Much like a well-balanced spa playlist, it takes a mix of the high notes and the low notes to create the perfect melody.

So let's ponder the path of the solo practitioner. Oh, the freedom! The wind beneath your wings! Being your own boss, setting your own hours, creating your own signature scented oil blend that smells oddly similar to fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies (don't judge). You could choose to work in a meadow, a bustling city, or even your home garage transformed into a blissful sanctuary. It's exhilarating, to say the least.

But remember my dear aspiring soloist, with great power comes great... well, everything else. Marketing, scheduling, bookkeeping, insurance, the impromptu plumbing and heating mishaps - it all falls on your capable, healing hands. And let's not even start with the unsettling silence that could creep in when there's no one else around. It's a path that requires a peculiar mix of passion, ambition, resilience, and a healthy sprinkle of insanity. But, the rewards can be as refreshing as a well-executed cucumber eye mask.

On the other side of the massage table, we have the comfort and stability of employment. No need to fret over creating a business plan or dealing with the pesky administrative tasks that induce more confusion than a misplaced reflexology chart. You clock in, work your magic on the clients, and then return to the safety of your own life, leaving the worries of the workplace behind.

There's also the often underrated joy of companionship. Being part of a team can bring learning experiences, growth opportunities, and those ever-essential water cooler conversations (or in our case, herbal tea dispenser discussions).

However, employment isn't always as soothing as a lavender-infused towel on a stressed forehead. There could be policies and procedures that chafe, colleagues whose personalities clash with your own like oil and water, and the occasional feelings of stagnation.

Ultimately, the choice between solo and salaried work is about as personal as your favorite spa tune. Both paths have their scented candles and prickly thorns, and both can lead to fulfilling careers in their own unique ways.

So, whether you choose to tread the path of the lone wolf or the team player, remember this: the world needs the unique healing touch only you can provide.

Remember, no matter what path you choose, always moisturize, and don’t forget to breathe.

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